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After a one week woorkshop at cultural center METAHOUSE in Phnom Penh: Saturday 21 January 2011, 7PM: Project presentation „H-O-P-E: UNITED NATIONS REVISITED“ asks youth from all over the globe about their perceptions of the UN German media artist Alfred Banze is inspired by a mural inside the „UN Security Council Conference Hall“. Project participants develop so-called „remixes“ (of parts) of this painting. Results become part of an interactive video installation in Berlin, 2012. The event was well visited, and the following film got special applause: „La Mission“ , „“ , and of cause the new videos made in Cambodia, „What´s the Difference“, World Heritage“ and „Global Warming“.

This video reveals the scope and impact of the UNs work focusing principally on peace and security, development and human rights. It highlights the UNs role as a forum for united action for the common good, and for building partnerships to address problems that know no borders, like natural disasters and climate change.

A preview on a first module of the H-O-P-E installation. It was realized at a workhop in january 2011 with students Prof. Amrit Chusuwan at the Silpakorn University in Bangkok. The short video focus on the situation while the riots in Bangkok in 2010, when advisors of the UNITED NATIONS were invited to Thailand.

What has the R.D. Congo to do with the rest of the world, or other around… Watch this documentary!