My 11. day in Kinshasa. The election is finnished. The last president, Mr. Kalimba made it again, with a lot of help of money and violence. The opposition is angry, there are riots in the streets of Kinshasa, the center of the opposition movement. Last night, in the neigbourhood of the art academy, a mango fruit fell down on the roof of one of the students houses. A youg woman woke u and screemed very loud, a long time, until she was stopped by other students. This showed me a little the backside of the situation here. Its is a tensed situaton, waiting for more violence. Maybe this girl had post war traumata, maybe she was just a little to nervous. Me, i got nervous, too.

The students work very hard on their works. The final presentation of 10 new videos and other project will be on thursday 15 december, parallel to a presentation at the videofestival VIDEOMEDEJA in Serbia.

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